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Supportive Online Counselling

Let’s face it, the way we communicate has changed. But thanks to Supportive Online Counselling, getting help has become more accessible than ever before.

After answering a couple of simple questions, we immediately match you to a qualified and registered counsellor. You can start talking at any time securely and from anywhere. Our counsellors can help treat issues such as Anxiety and Depression or help marriage or relationship counselling. Get started with plans from $35/week and say hello to happier times.

The Easiest Way to Get Help

We want you to get back to being you, so we match you with a qualified, registered and local counsellor.

Australian Online Counselling
  • Complete the questionnaire

    Answer some simple questions to help us match you with a local, registered counsellor that's most suited to your needs.

  • Choose the plan that’s right for you

    Plans start from $35/week for unlimited Asynchronous message based therapy.

  • Say hello

    After matching you with your counsellor, you can immediately start messaging or schedule an audio or video call. All the same privacy rules apply as if you were in a traditional counsellor's office.

Everyone at some point needs some support.

“Of the 16 million Australians aged 16–85 years, almost half (45% or 7.3 million) experienced a mental disorder at some point in their life.”


National Survey of Mental Health and Well-being

A safe space to share.

“1 in 3 women will experience anxiety during their lifetime, and 1 in 5 women in Australia will experience depression.”


National Survey of Mental Health and Wellbeing

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Track Your Wellness Today

Interested in tracking your wellness? It’s a great place to start so we built a free wellness tracker. Track four essential areas of wellness that include your emotional, physical, social and mental well being. We will send you weekly surveys that take minutes to complete while providing you with simple tips on what you can do to improve your well being.

Experienced and local counsellors.

We’re all busy, our minds shouldn’t be. We have hundreds of counsellors ready to help you overcome the challenges that life throws your way from anxiety to relationship issues.

Waiting days to see your counsellor isn’t useful. That’s why with Supportive you can communicate at any time and from any device with your counsellor.