What is Supportive?

Supportive is the most secure and ethical way to practice online counselling. If you’re looking for flexibility, a new revenue stream or maybe you’re interested in starting your own practice without the overheads. Supportive can cater for your needs and allow you to practice the way you want to.

Always There Therapy

Get started today and offer a new way for your clients to get help, or let us help you get new clients so you can do more of what you love.

Why Work With Supportive?

Work from anywhere

Communication via messages is asynchronous so you are able to provide support around your existing schedule, and from wherever you choose to be.

It’s Easy to Use

Supportive is simple and easy to use and you can provide support from any device. We also take care of billing so you can focus on what you do best, providing support.

Our Community

Supportive is growing the largest community of counsellors in Australia. Be part of something bigger, learn from others and join the future of therapy.

It’s Flexible

Supportive can supplement your income or become your main source, it’s up to you. You’re able to choose how many people you want to work with, and the time that you’re available for calls or video sessions.

How to Become a Counsellor on Supportive

Do more of what you love with Supportive. Welcome to the future of therapy.

  • Apply

    Complete your application to become a Supportive counsellor.

  • Verification

    The team at Supportive will review your application and determine whether you're a good fit for our platform.

  • Client Matching

    If approved, we'll match you with clients based on your skills and location.

  • Deliver Therapy

    After matching you with your clients, you can start chatting or schedule a video or phone call at a time that works for both of you.

Requirements & FAQ's

Counsellors that work with Supportive are independent contractors. You must be qualified and able to commit to providing distance-based therapy using the Supportive platform and come from a Psychotherapy background.

Supportive has minimum requirements that will be checked and confirmed before you can be accepted as a counsellor.

To be accepted as a counsellor you must:

  • Be a registered therapist in Australia
  • Have completed supervision hours and licensing exams
  • Hold malpractice insurance and an ABN

Privacy and security are our number one priority. We go to great lengths to secure our platform including anonymising client data and using secure SSL.

You must hold professional indemnity insurance through an Australian insurer.

We take care of the marketing and will assign you patients as they join Supportive. You can also invite your own clients to Supportive, allowing you to provide another channel of support.

Counsellors receive 50% of the client fees for services provided. Clients have the choice of two packages, starting at $199/month for messaging therapy and one 30-minute phone or video session or $299/month for messaging therapy and up to two 30-minute phone or video sessions. Payments to counsellors are made monthly on the renewal date of your clients account.

It’s up to you how much time you want to commit to Supportive. We will continue to send you clients until you decide that you’re happy with the volume of work. However, you must be available to check in at a minimum daily with your clients.

You will be an independent contractor so you must hold a valid ABN and Insurance.