Benefits of Supervision

Finding the right supervisor is as essential to understanding the benefits of Supervision

Conducted usually in three different ways, one-to-one sessions, peer groups or one-to-many group sessions. The process can involve direct observation, audio/video presentations or a verbal review of case notes. A good relationship between the supervisor and supervisee is essential for improving clinical skills that have beneficial outcomes for clients. Most importantly trust, therefore, must be established before a review, discussion or feedback take place.

There are three principal goals from Supervision. To build knowledge and consolidate therapeutic skills.  Maintain and monitor responsibilities and ethical standards. Gain support at a personal and professional level (Milne, 2009).

Build knowledge and consolidate therapeutic skills

Supervision provides an opportunity to focus on growth by learning new techniques and exploring ways of working with clients.  Receiving supportive and constructive feedback from a supervisor can also empower counsellors to self-reflect on their performance.d  

Maintain and monitor responsibilities and ethical standards

Due to the nature of counselling, a range of ethical dilemmas can arise as part of a counsellors clinical practice. Therefore counsellors need to be conscious of their ethical responsibilities and follow strict codes of conduct to ensure that standards. Sometimes it can be challenging to navigate the correct path. So, guidance and support from a supervisor are helpful in determining the most appropriate course of action.

Gain support at a personal and professional level

Counselling can be stressful, particularly when clients are disclosing highly sensitive personal information of a distressing nature. Empathic responding requires that counsellors understand and validate the client’s position, and can accurately reflect those feelings without getting too caught up in the emotional intensity of the information. Supervisors can assist counsellors to process difficult material and are skilled in reading the early warning signs of stress and burnout. They can intervene to support the counsellor before they become over-involved and in danger of blurring the lines of professional conduct.

With the clear benefits that supervision offers, it’s crucial that health practitioners find a Supervisor that will work well with them. Supervision by Supportive is a platform explicitly designed for Supervisors and Supervisees in mind offering a Supervisor directory, video and in-person appointments, session recordings and document sharing.