Supporting Mental Health Practitioners

Supervision can now be conducted securely online. Supportive offers supervisors and supervisees a way to connect, pay, schedule, chat and even playback video sessions all from one place. Whether you’re a Counsellor, Social Worker, Hypnotherapist, Coach or Psychologist you can now find and work with someone that specialises in your field of practice.

Take the Hassle out of Supervision

Supervision should be simple and your growth should be measurable.

Are You a Supervisor?

Register today for a 30 day free trial and start offering your clients secure online supervision

Automate Tracking of Supervision Hours

Ditch the paper records. Every session held through Supervision by Supportive is digitally tracked giving you more time to do the things you love.


Everything You Need In One Place

Secure Messaging

Replace non-compliant SMS and Emails with secure one to one communication

Video Appointments with Playback

One to one or group supervision for up to 6 people. Sessions are also recorded for you to playback when needed.

Appointment Scheduling

Schedule your supervision sessions online and get handy calendar invites

Credit Card Payments

Pay for sessions online so you never have to transfer money again

Secure Document Sharing

Share and save documents related to supervision in one place

Notes and Reminders

Store Supervision notes and send reminders

Interested in Supervisor Training?

If you’re interested in becoming a professional supervisor we recommend speaking to Optimise Potential or Jane Wexler. Optimes Potential offers the Rise Up Certificate of Attainment and is one of Australia’s leading supervisor training organisations while Jane Wexler providers Supervisor training that is endorsed by the ACWA and AASW.